Your Board of Directors has voted to cancel in person rehearsals and our concerts that were planned for the Spring in 2021.  We are deeply saddened to have to do this, however, we aren't confident that we can keep everyone safe if we would sing together.  Even though this spring WAS supposed to be our 50th Anniversary, this is still the right decision.  No worries though - WE WILL CELEBRATE OUR 50TH ANNIVERSARY WHEN WE ARE ABLE TO SING TOGETHER AGAIN!  


Let's hope that vaccines can do their job and that we can move past this pandemic by the fall of 2021 so we can return to singing together again!




We will once again continue our Virtual Academy during the spring.  We will be gathering on Zoom for eight weeks during the months of February and March.  Our goal will be to experience a variety of music experiences together to help us continue to grow as a Chorale.  Watch email for more information regarding this in January.  The first Virtual Academy will be Tuesday, February 2, 2021.

While we may not have a concert this season we have many incredible opportunities with our Virtual Academy for more information click HERE!