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What an amazing opportunity you have to give back to your community by sponsoring some of the best vocal music in the region!  Just by giving a small donation to our charitable 501(c)3 fund, you'll get our undying gratitude plus:

  • Recognition on our web site and in our concert programs

  • A signed thank-you from our illustrious director and our president

  • Your community will thank you for helping to support the culture that makes our city great.

  • Sponsors at $100 or higher will receive two complimentary tickets to our Christmas and Spring Concert (does not include Lenten Concert)

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click HERE




Michels Family Foundation
John Hanisch, in memory of Barb Hanisch
Steven and Mary Beth Pautz
Fond du Lac Area Foundation; in memory of Mimi Sager
National Exchange Bank Foundation

BENEFACTOR | $500-$999

Robert and Pearl Czisny

Dr. Anna Nelson
Billie and Eldon Giese

Brad and Katie Pachefsky
Gary and Gail Sharpe

J.R. and Mary Liz Julka
Peter Vercouteren

Mercury Marine
Fond du Lac Foundation; 
 Jerry and Dixie Sullivan Community Fund
Fond du Lac Area Foundation; Earl A. and Mary M. Wohlust Fund,
in memory of Earl Wohlust

SUSTAINER | $250-$499

Donald and Lee Behnke

Ralph Schwartz
Robert and Jamie Mikkelsen

John Barouski
Searl Construction

Jim and Anne Thomas
Jane Kramer, in memory of Tom Kramer
Sherry Stormo, in memory of K. Alan Stormo
Bob and Sandy Martin, in honor of Cory Schneider
Paul and Pam Lane, in memory of Barb Hanisch, Earl Wohlust, Tom Kramer and Ken Flesch
Fond du Lac Evening Optimist Club
Fond du Lac Area Foundation; Alexander Family Music Fund

DONOR | $100-$249

Jane Boyle

Sandy Dvorak
Dick and Marcia Kotnick

Judy and Jim Pollard
Carol Riegert

Carol Schneider
Cory and Julie Schneider

Chuck and Amy Weber
Brian and Bridget Zenner

Kyle Kubista
Dick and Linda Brace

John and Janet Coon
Joan and Dick Kleinfeldt

Kerry Huber
Steve Kohlman Family

Patricia Siekierke
Aaron and Darlene Zulauf

Gary and Donna Miller
Bob and Jane Shirek

Wendy Koepp

Linda Krebsbach
Lisette Aldrich

Barb and Jim Fett
Bruce Nyberg

Barb and Ed Hammer
Roy and Wendy Johnson

Wally and Lynn Messner
Mary Arthur
Gwen Abig, in memory of Robert. C. Miller
Tom White in memory of Jean White
Dennis Magnuson, in memory of Barb Hanisch
Garvin & Carol Shields, in memory of Tom Kramer
Dr. Jon B. and Mrs. Debbie Gilliland, in honor of the SSC Singers
Darwin and Mary Wetzel, in memory of Patricia A. Wetzel

Kris and Dan McLain, in memory of Barb Hanisch
Norm and Julie Francis, in memory of Al Lemery
Anonymous, in memory of Earl Wohlust
Carla Wifler, in memory of Ray Wifler
Don and Kathy Vanden Heuvel, in memory of Ervin and; Arline Siewert
Bill and Christine Retert, in memory of Al Lemery and Barb Hanisch
Edi Moore, in memory of Mimi Sager
Bob Maurice, in memory of Judy Maurice
Michael and Kathleen Carlone, in memory of Barb Hanisch
John and Catherine Rosenfeldt, in memory of Barb Hanisch
Paul and Karin Rosenfeldt, in memory of Barb Hanisch
Philip and Christine Twohig, in memory of Earl Wohlust and
David and Millie Tack
Bill and Beth Wyman, Oshkosh Area Community Foundation;
in memory of Barb Hanisch
Alliant Energy Foundation, Inc, Norm Francis, matching funds
The Blackbaud Giving Fund on behalf of American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation
Carlton and Gloria Schultz, in memory of Barb Hanisch and Tom Kramer


Pat and Nancy Schultz

Harry and Bonnie Classen
Tim and Sue Girard

Marabell J. Juedes

Nina Krueger
Mike and Mary Walzer

Don and Myra Wilhelms
Sheryl and Peter Grimm

Kevin and Kristine Petrie

Bob and Lisa Sheahan
Cathy Steele

Dave Kenyon
Tim and Jo Ann Hardgrove

Cathie Aschenbrenner

Mary Heilser
Gary and Linda Smet

Ann Yockey
Rosemary Schorse

Bob and Pat Guess
Claire Hutter

Tom and Kay Groeschel
John Gindt

Ahern-Gross, Inc.
Lois Pflum, in honor of Maxine Averbeck
Terre Mand and Family, in memory of Richard W. Mand
Elaine Rebek, in memory of Ralph and Caroline Schwartz
Don Moser, in memory of Mary K. Moser
Carrie Lemery, in memory of Alan and Dorothy Lemery
Gene and Pat Klapperich, in memory of Tom Kramer
Shirley Gedlinske, in memory of David Gedlinske
Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes
Dan Fee, in memory of Barb Hanisch
Jeffrey and Mary Ritchie, in memory of Barb Hanisch
Connie Anderson, in honor of Pete Vercouteren and all his SSC friends

Our apologies for any omissions

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